Who We Are:
The Center for Visual Communication (VISCOM) was established in 2007 as an on-campus “think tank” providing creative services and solutions to on- and off-campus clients. VISCOM combines teaching and research when our faculty, students and industry professionals work together to solve problems and create innovative design solutions.

What We Do:
VISCOM has produced award-winning animation, commercials, graphic design, illustrations, motion graphics, photography and websites for on-campus and external entities. We collaborate with, and provide strategic creative services for, regional businesses and on-campus entities requiring graphic-related design support.

VISCOM is an academic program in which students receive credit for work performed, as well as a combination of credits and financial compensation. VISCOM provides graphic-related services to select on-campus clients and outside entities, utilizing “real-world” projects to support student education, research and career preparation. VISCOM provides a unique opportunity to enhance the student experience with a “learn-by-doing” educational philosophy. We believe this model not only provides added value to student learning, but also provide critical mentorship by senior students, which encourages younger students to stay on track, succeed and graduate on time. Students involved with VISCOM have successfully transitioned into their respective professional endeavors, and their success stories can be found in the Alumni section.

For students who are interested in becoming members of the VISCOM team, please contact Professor Dave Moon, Professor Joe Bautista or Professor Magdy Rizk. VISCOM invites and welcomes students who are passionate, dedicated and excited about learning…students willing to work hard in order to be successful. VISCOM is not for everyone, but if you think you have what it takes to be relevant in this challenging and extremely competitive world, please contact us. We are always looking for highly motivated students.

The VISCOM Center is located in the Art Department, and many of its core members are from the Art Department areas of Visual Communication that includes Graphic Design, Animation, Photography and Illustration. Over the past 50 years, the CSU Northridge Art Department has earned a solid reputation within the entertainment industry by producing outstanding alumni, many of whom hold high-level positions at such companies as the Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, Sony, FOX and Universal, just to name a few. The Center for Visual Communication is self-funded and equipped with high-end hardware and the latest software for students to use. VISCOM also has numerous supporters and local partners providing scholarships and business development assistance, including Western Commercial Bank and Hamagami/Carroll, Inc.

One of the reasons the Center for Visual Communication was established is to give our students experiences that they would not normally have in the classroom. This particular sentiment was also shared by many design/creative professionals in the industry, who often stated that many graduates enter the real world without a firm understanding of business principles or the reality of working on actual projects (since most class projects are made up). The Center for Visual Communication understands this important component, which is why every project at the Center has real-world significance…complete with budgets, deadlines, and client interaction.

Since the Center’s launch, the following individuals, groups, and studios have understood the importance of cultivating a talented pool of the designers and artists, so they have invested and partnered with us to provide critique sessions, creative guidance, and real-world opportunities. This includes letting us participate in their projects to gain valuable experience. Several studios have also utilized our student talent within their own firms to provide additional hands-on experience by utilizing paid interns, freelancers and even hiring one of VISCOM members as a full-time employee. As one of the principals from Hamagami/Carroll stated, we have created a business structure that allows us to eliminate the need for HR and employment agencies, as you folks provide us with highly skilled, motivated emerging artists to work in our studio. We thank each of these individuals, groups, and studios for their assistance and involvement; we would not be where we are without their unwavering support.

Please contact Professor Dave Moon if you, or someone you may know, can provide VISCOM students with additional opportunities outside of the classroom.

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Over the years, we have enjoyed tremendous success, but our success would not have been possible if it weren’t for the many individuals, groups and organizations that have supported the Center for Visual Communication with generous contributions. These contributions come to us in the form of funds for student scholarships, connections to prospective clients in need of creative services, or simply stopping by to share real-world information. Listed here are some of the sponsors who have made our students’ experiences that much more positive.

We are always looking for students in the field of:
  • Print Design
  • Web Design
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • We have internship opportunities for credits, freelance work, and paid student design positions available each semester. We are not just interested in designers, but in any students who are highly motivated and dedicated to learning and exploring further by working with others. Most of all, we like people who are willing to work hard…to produce great work!


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