Thomas Grasty -- Keynote Speaker

grasty Recently named an “ Innovator to Watch ” by USC Stevens Institute for Innovation, Thomas Grasty - has a diverse 15 year background across the entertainment, advertising, public relations and internet industries.

As Co- founder of award - winning internet startup -- Stroome - a free, cloud-based video platform that lets users edit, remix, discover and share video.
Chief Content Officer for Social Studios TV, producers of - “YourShow” -- the webs first game-changing professionally - produced daily TV show generated from social media content.

A frequent guest lecturer, panelist and public speaker a regular contributor to PBS MediaShift Idea Lab and the Huffington Post.

Past development executive for DreamWorks, VHI, HBO, Blaze TV and Adworks.


Sean Malatesta -- Keynote Speaker

CEO - Marengo Knoll, Inc.
Speaker: - 2ND Screen Global: Prime-Time
Mobile and IPTV Movie Distribution - Streaming Video & Apps

Company Profile: Margengo produces and distributes Movies, Video Games, Apps and virtual Slot Machines.
Mobile: Produce and distribute games, video, wallpaper, apps and informational products.
IPTV and Mobile movie distribution. A proven 20 year track - record building strategic relationships, identifying and executing on new business opportunities to maximizing revenue, and selling in ideas and negotiating deals with top decision makers.
Has raised over $50m in venture funding
Partisapated in 2 Start-up exits
Launched Googleʼs first short code
Top Mobile Games including BioShock, Bruce Lee and NBCʼs The Office.
Extensive Global Business background - Europe - China - India -

2 Startup Exits:
Indiagames - acquisition by Disney for $80m ( 2011)
Mobile 365 - acquisition by Sybase for $417m ( 2006 )

2SGC -- Advisors Committee

Founder:Diane Blackmon - Bailey
Family Friendly Films Entertainment LLC. - Blackmon Entertainment Media

Francis Glebas Dreamworks
Dave Moon VISCOM VISCOM - University California Northridge
Mark Farquhar University California, Northridge
Gwen Kelly Walmart
Lee Bailey EUR WEB
LaMarr Blackmon BURN - College Radio Network
Danielle Holland PitBull Beverages
Diana Williams Woodland Hills - Tarzana
Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Ella Tolliver Solano College
Johnny Morris Morris & Associates
Emilie Knude Hansen Maritime Museum
Ivor Dawson Traveling Space Museum
Ken Wilson Ken Wilson Inc.
Janis Thomas KDYA Radio
Cookie Lommel Operation Unity

Jim Lux -- Keynote Speaker
grasty 2ND Screen Global Con - iCON Awards Keynote Speaker August 24, 2013 Jim Lux is the Task Manger developing FINDER ( Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response ), which detects the breathing and heartbeat of victims. Funded by the Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate.
He is also the Co-Principle Investigator for the SCaN Project at NASAʼs Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Three ( 3 ) software defined radios ( SDR) installed on the International Space Station in August 2012.
Jim, worked on the latest deep space transponder design, as well as design, development and testing of related projects such as: The Mars Science Lander,( Curiosity ).
Before joining JPL, Mr. Lux developed products for a special events company, ran a software consulting company, developed electronic warfare equipment ( for communications and radar systems).
Prior to attending UCLA, he developed and published screening method for children learning disabilities. A licensed professional Engineer in California, has received 4 NASA Group Achievement Awards, and over 20 technology development awards from the NASA Inventions and Contributions Board. Holding two patents and winner of several entertainment industry technical awards for the development of novel motion pictures effects.

2SGC --- a non-profit - education - entertainment - media organization dedicated to creating awareness of and appreciation for CGI ( Computer Generated illustration ) - Animation, Second - Screen ( electronic “buddy” devices: smart phones - tablets -digital - web content / creators ) and other related pop-culture art-forms and technologies. Through education, branding, exposure; conferences, conventions, special events, competitions, and 2NDSCREEN GLOBAL witnessing while preserving history through entertainment.
Diane Blackmon Bailey - Founder

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