Aug 23-24, 2013
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Gena Vazquez - Chairperson of Indi Con

Gena Vazquez - Following her emergence in the Silicon Valley tech trade of the booming 90ʼs, Gena Vazquez forged head first into the wilds of the entertainment industry, by becoming a Film Producer and establishing The Producers Fund, an investment entity geared to finance select independent films with some of the most revered talent from both sides of the pond.

In 2011, she founded the Legacy Entertainment Partners and to date has helped over 30 Hollywood productions come to life.

To get a film done the right way you need these things; strong content, the right financiers, good marketable talent, great production value, genius marketing/promotion and global distribution.Her goal is to help filmmakers realize their dreams.

Join her and a panel of VIP Entertainment & Animation industry Power-Brokers
2ND Screen Global Con Speaker:

Topic: Emerging Second-Screen Industry - New Profit-Center For Indi Filmmakers

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2SGC --- a non-profit - education - entertainment - media organization dedicated to creating awareness of and appreciation for CGI ( Computer Generated illustration ) - Animation, Second - Screen ( electronic “buddy” devices: smart phones - tablets -digital - web content / creators ) and other related pop-culture art-forms and technologies. Through education, branding, exposure; conferences, conventions, special events, competitions, and 2NDSCREEN GLOBAL witnessing while preserving history through entertainment.
Diane Blackmon Bailey - Founder

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