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Aug 23 - 24, 2013
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Passed Up - BAD KIDS
Passed Up - BAD KIDS Passed Up is a Las Vegas based hip-hop duo working hard for what they like to do; make music. These two talented artists have been making that happen since 2007, and have been making big moves in the music industry ever since. Known for their positive spin on hip-hop with their songs and lyrics, which are “curse word free” unlike some hip hop music, their message is clearly positive to audiences young and old. In 2010 the boys won the title of “Best Local Hip-Hop Group” in the Las Vegas Weekly “Readers Choice” category. The same year they took home their first award; The Black Music Award for Best Las Vegas Rap Group, and have been nominated every year since. The two have also played numerous shows in their home state of Nevada, reaching over to California and also to neighboring states for the DYD tour and the P.A.C.E. tour. Some performances include, The BMAs (Black Music Awards) at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, The Voodoo Lounge in San Jose, The Air Liner in Downtown Los Angeles, The Independent Music Festival in Henderson, NV, the Taste of Soul festival in Los Angeles and also performed at the Las Vegas Stallions soccer halftime show. The duo has performed with numerous artists such as Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs in Harmony, Nappy Boy artist Tay Dizm, Audio Push, Def Jam artist Lil Niqo, The Rangers, Nick Cannons The Wonder Broz and many more. Their reach is limitless, and their performances are endless. Listen to the beats and keep an eye on this dynamic duo as they continue to make their way toward the top.
Hope Spin
Passed Up - BAD KIDS Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, the city in which she was born and represents, Hope Spin is a teen hip-hop, pop and R&B artist. She blends the combination of hip-hop and pop in her music with a touch of R&B. Hope was the winner of the 2012 BMA (Black Music Awards) Hip Hop Award for Best Young R&B. Hope has performed at various venues in Las Vegas and Southern California, which include the “Taste of Sound and Soul”, Blaze The Stage, as well as being an opening act for the likes of Audio Push, Tay Dizm, and most notably Jacob Latimore as the R-U-It Contest Winner. Hope is determined to show the world that she is an entertainer which includes her dancing skills while performing songs that music fans enjoy dancing to. Her latest single "Feel The Beat" is sure the please even the harshest of critics!
Passed Up - BAD KIDS “On the road from city to city, sometimes I-10 ain’t pretty ,but we will travel near and far just to be where you are” 2-U-Neek.They sing, dance , rap, act , write,produce and more..Some say they remind them of the Famous Black Eye Peas..BUT. Sibling music acts are somewhat rare and a twin brother and sister act is something you seldomly see. When you see this twin duo Ashley and Ashton of 2-U-Neek you will definitely remember them. Their entertaining energetic performance is being enjoyed on many stages. They are from San Antonio, Texas but now reside in Los Angeles, CA. The beginning years the twins entered numerous of talent shows and racked up many awards locally and regionally. In this grass roots process they got a lot of attention and started being requested to perform for various events. 2-U-Neek started getting requested to open for major acts as well. They have booked opening/pre show acts for Beyonce, Robin Thicke, Disney Raven, Jonas Bros and more. 2-U-Neek are singers/songwriters whom also dance, act and they are humanitarians. While in high school 2-U-Neek wrote, recorded and released their first cd called “The Birth”. The cd got distribution into several stories like HEB Plus, Best Buy and more. Also “The Birth” also earned 2-U-Neek a Grammy Entry. 2-U-Neek continues to work on the stage and studio. They their work has been requested for jingles as well as licensed for TV. 2-U-Neek has been recognized by The State of Texas with The Recording Academy for their musical contributions. They happened to win a jingle contest for TxDot which won their high school $10,000 in Gibson/Epiphone musical instruments. The twins also received honors as Texas All State Choir members. Through it all they have been consistently working, traveling and writing building their FRAN base and their brand. FRAN = Fan + Friend 2-U-Neek has received ACASP Plus Awards several times and an ASCAP scholarship to Grammy Camp at USC Thornton School of Music. 2-U-Neek has been seen on various TV shows including BET 106&Park Wild Out Wednesday competitors. They have been seen on The Jimmy Kimmel, Disney and more. The twins are working on new music being requested for various performances and getting inon auditions as well. Ashley and Ashton can be seen acting in the feature film Model Minority. The twins are also humanitarians and have assisted with many organizations since they were very young. 2-U-Neek is the new wave in entertainment. Booking contact J at 2uneek@gmail.com for more info follow on Twitter at 2uneektexastwins. “Like” us on Face book and you can visit 2uneektwins.wix.com/2uneek.