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Deborah L. Young is as versatile “artist” a supernova wonder in constant evolution of something “higher, better, and good” as a Talent/Producer/Writer/Artist. The 5th of 6th children Ms. Young was born August 26, 1970 in Long Beach Naval hospital. Her family has a long history with service and militant background. Growing up a rather eccentric and gifted Mother gave Deborah a well-rounded education in the arts and working with the spiritual aspect of self to hone one’s creative art into talent. As a young child Ms. Young recalls her favorite past time being spent with her cousins putting on productions of Bible stories for visiting relatives. At 8 yrs-old she created costumes out of her Mother’s linen and whatever could be found.

Since 1999 Ms. Young has published three novels, and ghostwritten several others for well-known celebrities and personalities. She was mentored by Executive Producer, Doug McHenry (New Jack City, Two Can Play That Game, Jason’s Lyric). It was upon reading Young’s highly commercial screenplay Phat Gyrlz where McHenry mentored her on the craft of screenwriting, a gift she would use from then on as a well-crafted artisan of “storytelling”. While working odd jobs and journalism assignments, Ms. Young worked as an accountant and after the death of her Mother, relocated to Los Angeles, CA in 2002. From this point forward she worked during the day as an accountant, financial analyst, and sr. financial analyst for three of the Top 5 entertainment conglomerates. It was while working at Disney in Controllership and before that Paramount Pictures – Ms. Young would arrive for work and watch the goings on of studio and network operations. She was key figure in the Hulu acquisition, and one of the people involved in providing financial reports, which resulted in the purchase of Marvel Comics. More than anything, Deborah dreamed of producing projects she’d written during the nights in between. Out of frustration was born her animation project(s) – The Roaches, Small World, and Bruce Wee the SupaFly Fwea – to the likes of Marvel/DC Comic Artist and Ingénue, Denys Cowan – then VP, BET Animation. To date, Ms. Young has completed and is developing her sci-fi spiritual screenplay “Until I Met You” which is a mixture of diverse metaphysical concepts molded into a modern love story. Ms. Young is an avid supporter of organizations like WGA, SAG, ASCAP, IFP, the Producer’s Guild Association, the Director’s Guild Association, and AFTRA activities. In addition to producing, and writing – Ms. Young founded “thewritealice MLS”. “thewritealice” is a clever play on words from on a famous line in Disney’s “Alice In Wonderland”, a story which means a great deal to Deborah, spiritually in its’ interpretation. We are all chasing that white rabbit, as dreams manifested into real products of “art” for communal spiritual consumption of mind, heart, and soul.

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